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NFC Hub at Marketing week live Instore Show

News-instore launched on the 27th June 2011, so to help raise awareness the team went to the Instore show at the Olympia exhibition centre in London on the 29th and 30th of June. The main aim was to spread the word of nfc and its capabilities to those working in and outside of the telecoms industry. The nfc-hub team spent the two days explaining the ins and outs of nfc technology and how it can be adapted to work in many different ways depending on the client’s desired application.

The feedback was astounding-people grasped the limitless possibilities of nfc technology and appreciated that as the next influx of nfc-enabled phones hit the market, the diffusion of nfc tags will speed up.

The bright blue custom nfc-hub stand had its own video screen, demonstrating the use of tags in the real world, whilst the tags embedded in the stand gave a live representation of NFC in action. This allowed a user to have a tangible experience of NFC, as for many it was the first time they’d experienced the contactless technology.

The nfc-hub team reported great success from the event and gathered hundreds of business cards from enthusiastic show-goers. Everyone who left their details will be receiving and nfc-hub email in the near future. If you missed us at the Instore show but would like to learn more, please go to or send us and email at: